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7/9/2022 at Atomic Speedway - Chillicothe, OH

410 Sprints - Non-Winged
Atomic Speedway presents the NonWing Jamboree with BOSS Wingless Sprints, USAC D2 Midgets, Sport Mods and 305 Sprints.

Saban Bibent

410 Sprints - Non-WingedStartFinish
A Feature 125th
Heat 2Time: 216.15143rd
Qualifying 2Time: 13.72761st

410 Sprints - Non-Winged

A Feature 1: Lineup

25 laps | 00:00:00
1Dallas HewittTroy, OH18
2Saban BibentCincinnati, OH98
3Jesse VermillionGreencastle, IN5
4Landon SimonIndianapolis, IN24
5Ricky LewisOxnard, CA41
6Travis HeryPigua, OH21
7Dustin WebberGoshen, OH9
8Isaac ChappleWillow Branch, IN52
9Justin OwenHarrison, OH4J
10Wayne McPeekMineral Wells, WV1MC
11Steve IrwinFenton, MI0
12Steve LittleWaynesfield, OH53
13Lee UnderwoodTroy, OH24L
14Michael FischesserCincinnati, OH4
15Greg MitchellWashington, WV001
16Keith BaxterChillicothe, OH1B
17Blake VermillionGreencastle, IN73
18Nick SimonsGenoa City, WI35
19Garrett MitchellWashington, WV002
20Chad WilsonToledo, OH14
21Tayte WilliamsonRushylvania, OH20

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:03:47.397
11Landon SimonIndianapolis, IN24
22Dustin WebberGoshen, OH9
34Travis HeryPigua, OH21
43Steve IrwinFenton, MI0
55Lee UnderwoodTroy, OH24L
66Keith BaxterChillicothe, OH1B
77Garrett MitchellWashington, WV002

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:03:48.538
11Dallas HewittTroy, OH18
22Justin OwenHarrison, OH4J
34Saban BibentCincinnati, OH98
45Michael FischesserCincinnati, OH4
57Blake VermillionGreencastle, IN73
66Chad WilsonToledo, OH14
73Isaac ChappleWillow Branch, IN52

Heat 3

8 laps | 00:03:39.565
14Ricky LewisOxnard, CA41
22Jesse VermillionGreencastle, IN5
31Wayne McPeekMineral Wells, WV1MC
45Steve LittleWaynesfield, OH53
56Greg MitchellWashington, WV001
67Nick SimonsGenoa City, WI35
73Tayte WilliamsonRushylvania, OH20

Qualifying 1

11Travis HeryPigua, OH2113.822
23Steve IrwinFenton, MI013.887
37Dustin WebberGoshen, OH914.153
44Lee UnderwoodTroy, OH24L14.186
52Keith BaxterChillicothe, OH1B14.835
65Landon SimonIndianapolis, IN2415.960
76Garrett MitchellWashington, WV00215.960

Qualifying 2

16Saban BibentCincinnati, OH9813.727
23Isaac ChappleWillow Branch, IN5213.749
32Justin OwenHarrison, OH4J13.948
41Dallas HewittTroy, OH1813.972
54Michael FischesserCincinnati, OH414.146
65Chad WilsonToledo, OH1414.497
77Blake VermillionGreencastle, IN7314.645

Qualifying 3

14Ricky LewisOxnard, CA4113.364
22Tayte WilliamsonRushylvania, OH2014.022
36Jesse VermillionGreencastle, IN514.393
41Wayne McPeekMineral Wells, WV1MC14.487
53Steve LittleWaynesfield, OH5314.659
65Greg MitchellWashington, WV00114.748
77Nick SimonsGenoa City, WI3516.312
Boss Results at Atomic Speedway Last Night

7/10/2022 - Boss Results at Atomic Speedway Last Night

Solid run in my first race this season in the Wedgewood Motorsports #98 Glenn Farms Sprint in the Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series race at Atomic Speedway. Had the fastest qualifying time in my group and finished 5th in the Feature. L...
BOSS Racing at Atomic Speedway This Weekend

7/8/2022 - BOSS Racing at Atomic Speedway This Weekend

I'll be racing the Wedgewood Motorsports #98 Glenn Farms Sprint in Saturday night's Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series race at Atomic Speedway. Looking forward to some Ohio Dirt Racing!



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